Women in Product Conference 2020

  • Working through Ambiguity, while being resilient to change
  • Building your Career
  • Smarter Product Design
  • Pick a place to work where you love the mission, have the passion, and connect with the purpose. Being fearless and bold in whatever you do may not always lead you to success, but will provide growth opportunities and learning lessons.
  • Be intentional with your brand. While you don’t build your own brand, you can influence it by being intentional in the actions you take to shape it.
  • Find that north star that you are working towards, and build your vision to that. Committing to frequent actions and being intentional with your goals will lead you to achieving your ultimate vision.
  • Living your life fully and authentically. Check out Nataliya Becker’s workbook on investing in yourself.
  • Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Get a visual representation of your job responsibilities via the PM Daisy framework.
  • Take the 5-step VP challenge to growing your career
  • The “How I Built This” podcast features Duolingo in an episode, highlighting how they optimized defaults and design to improve user engagement
  • Growth.Design’s newsletter provides monthly case studies to improve your product skills
  • Irrational Labs Methodology and bootcamp




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Dipti Kanthilal

Dipti Kanthilal

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